Julie's Our America

In addition to her campaigns for State Representative in 2018 and New Trier School Board in 2021, Julie has been active in defending America and our Constitution through her PAC, Our America.

Full disclosure of the financial activities of Our America can be found on Our America's FEC Report. 

In 2019, Julie’s PAC supported a conservative mayoral candidate and a village trustee candidate in a municipal election. She was able to increase Asian voter turnout and Republican voter turnout for the two candidates and won both races.

2019 Municipal Races 

Increase in Asian Voter Turnout: 

Suburb 1: 980% 

Suburb 2: 740%  

Increase in GOP Voter Turnout: 

Suburb 1: 160% 

Suburb 2: 310% 

In 2020, Julie’s PAC engaged the black community in support of the re-election of President Trump with a specific, tailored message, exposing the hypocrisy of Joe Biden. 


And, that same year Our America highlighted the accomplishments of President Trump for the black community. 

Julie has done quite a bit of work at the state level as well. In 2020, Julie’s PAC helped defeat an incumbent far-left liberal State Representative in Indiana. He was the first Asian and the youngest State Rep ever to be elected in Indiana after being groomed by the national Democrat Party. He made frequent trips and visits to Illinois to promote the liberal agenda in Chicago-area Asian communities.  You can see those adverts here.


Julie’s PAC has also performed extensive high-impact work at the local level where she exposed corrupt county board members and supported those candidates who promoted lower taxes and transparency in county government. You can see this high-impact work here.