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  • - PLATFORM -

    Take The Politics Out of Our Kids' Classrooms


    Politicians are now using our kids' classrooms as their battlefields to promote their political agenda. Julie will collaborate with all of the aligned local groups to take politics out of our kids' classrooms.
    Below are some examples of what is on its way to the schools in New Trier.

    Click here to see the sex-ed curriculum that will be implemented in our schools as of August 1.

    Click here to read about Radical Gender Lessons for Young kids in Evanston.

    Click Here to see what our 10th graders are made to read at New Trier High School.

    Click here to read about Biden Admin: K-12 Schools Must Put Boys In Girls’ Bathrooms To Get Federal Lunch Money

    Click here to read about The U.S. Military’s K-12 Schools And Hospitals Are Pushing Transgender Ideology On Kids.

    All Politics Is Local: Building A Coalition in New Trier

    Our work to protect our children from national politics starts right here in New Trier!

    Taking politics out of our kids' classrooms requires a strong local coalition of concerned families and parents, who are willing to stand together and push back against the political agenda in classrooms.
    It is time we build a strong coalition in New Trier to protect our kids.
    Since her school board race in 2021, Julie has been working to build this coalition in New Trier. As the New Trier Republican committeeman,
    Julie will reach out to every concerned parent and family in New Trier and build a strong coalition.

    Building a Big Tent Republican Party

    Most parents in New Trier are starting to push back against the liberal agenda being forced on our children in schools. Most residents in New Trier are beginning to see our liberty and freedom are under attack.

    A Big Tent Republican Party means we bring everyone and anyone, who loves America and want to defend our Constitution, our freedom, and protect our children into our party. Republicans and Democrats came together to re-open our schools and unmask our kids during the pandemic. When we focus on the American values, we can find common ground and work across the isle.
    Rather than focusing on "conservatives" or "moderate centrist", Julie will focus on the American values, and bring all America-loving Americans into the New Trier Republican Party.

    The Time Is Now 

    The time is now to bring all those who share the same values with us into our party, and reclaim New Trier Township as the shining city on the hill.


    It will be a township once again where parents have the rights for their children’s education, business owners have the rights to decide for their own businesses and individuals have the rights to make their own health care decisions.


    Why Is Julie's Campaign Color Lavender?

    Because lavender is the color that symbolizes cancer survivors, and Julie is a two-time cancer survivor. In her 30's, she faced a life-changing experience that taught her we cannot always count on "tomorrow" and that there isn't always going to be "later" or "enough time" for what we need to do. This taught her what a "sense of urgency" meant. Just like when she was diagnosed with cancer in her 30s, she sees the current political situation of our country with a "sense of urgency" that we may not be able to count on "tomorrow." We must turn around our country. And It needs to happen now. 

    Building a National Ethnic Minority Coalition

    Julie has worked all her working life in healthcare. After the 2016 Presidential election, she became active politically when suddenly she was being called a racist, sexist, and a white nationalist on the sole basis of voting for Trump. Upon investigation, she learned that most of the members in the Asian community were voting for Democrats based solely on the false rhetoric that Republicans are racists and the GOP is the party for white men. To combat this false rhetoric, she began building a conservative Asian coalition in 2017 that focused on educating and informing Asian communities on policies in the Chicago area.


    Victories in 2019 municipal races in two Chicago-area villages are a direct result of Julie’s effort to engage and educate the Asian communities. Seeing the impact of her effort in local Asian communities, Julie took her work to the national level, and expanded her effort to build a national coalition for all ethnic minority communities through her PAC, Our America.

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    Realizing the Need to Re-build the Local Base in New Trier

    In 2018, she ran for State Representative in House District 18 as a Republican. Through her candidacy as a Republican candidate, as well as through her Asian coalition, Julie was able to inform Asian voters about policy differences between the Democrat Party and the Republican Party, destroying the misconception among many Asian voters that the Republican Party is a party for white men. While she had been active with her minority coalition at the national level since 2018, the school lockdowns during the pandemic brought her attention back to Illinois and to the local level.


    In 2021, seeing the lack of leadership and utter disregard for parental rights, Julie ran for New Trier School Board.

    During her campaign in the school board race, she realized that while there are 13,000 Republicans in New Trier, there is currently no way to mobilize the base or any kind of organized network to communicate with them. She realized she had been building a minority coalition at the national level when her own hometown is in desperate need of a coalition. This is the reason why Julie is running for New Trier Township Republican Committeeman.


    As the Committeeman, Julie will build a strong coalition that will be the force in New Trier to protect and uphold our parental rights for our children’s education, individual liberty and freedom to make decisions for our businesses and healthcare.

    Julie's History

    Julie’s entire family moved to the US from South Korea in 1987. Even though South Korea is considered a democracy, she remembers the shock at experiencing true individual liberty and freedom in America that she had never experienced in Korea. Julie’s grandfather moved his entire family to America when he was in his late 70s because he wanted to make sure his descendants were safe from the threat of Communism. Julie now sees that threat rising right here in America. Because of her personal experience with an oppressive government, Julie is desperate to protect America, the last best hope on Earth – if America falls, we have nowhere else to go.

    The Education of Julie Cho

    Julie has a Master of Public Policy in Healthcare Policy and Administration, a Master of Arts in Social Service Administration, and an MBA from the University of Chicago. She has a B.S. in Nutrition and a B.A. in biochemistry and psychology from Case Western Reserve University.

    Julie held a license as a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor from 2000 to 2004.

    Julie has been a member of the Leadership Network at the American Enterprise Institute since 2019.

    Julie has been a Certified Content Expert for Patient-Centered Medical Home by NCQA since 2015.

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    The Republican Party was born out of protecting God-given individual rights and freeing the slaves. As seen in the last two years during the pandemic, the America that upholds and protects individual rights and liberty is under attack, and the fight for our freedom brought Illinoisans together across party lines.


    Those who were once divided by party affiliations fought together to open the schools for our children, to push back against vaccine and mask mandates, and to re-open businesses and churches. It is this stance on freedom that draws the people of Illinois back to the Republican Party. Having a “Big Tent” does not mean we turn away from “conservatives”. It does not mean we have to be a “center-right” party.


    A big tent Republican Party is a party that accepts anyone and everyone who is pro-America and supports individual liberty, personal freedom, and religious rights. In the Republican Party in Illinois today, especially on Chicago's North Shore, there are factions trying to push the Republican Party away from "America First" and back toward being a “moderate centrist” party. However, alienating America-First Republicans is not a solution to building a big tent party. When it comes to defending our Constitution, our individual rights, and protecting our children, there is no “center right” or “far right”.


    The focus on protecting the freedom of the American people and our children is what unites Republicans of all types under the party.

    Julie will create a “Big Tent” Republican Party in New Trier by uniting everyone who is Pro-America and wants to defend our freedom and protect our children.


  • - Vision -


    It was the Republican Party that freed the slaves. It was the Republican Party that fought for Civil Rights. It was the Republican Party that pioneered Women’s voting rights.


    It is now the Republican Party fighting for individual rights and freedom. It is now the Republican Party defending women’s rights for fair play. It is now the Republican Party protecting our children from pornography in classrooms.


    A majority of Americans have values that more closely align with the Republican Party. Most Americans want criminals off the streets, sexual and racial indoctrination out of schools, and to be allowed to make their own decisions about health care and their children’s education. These are winning issues for Republicans. These are issues that resonate with ethnic minority communities whom the liberal left has deceived by portraying themselves as “saviors” and minorities as "victims”.


    We have lost the ethnic minority communities because of our failure to message and brand our party in the way that resonates with them. As an immigrant from Korea, Julie has perspectives on the messaging, image, and branding that will effectively communicate to everyone, including minority communities, that we are the party that truly represents the people of America.


    Until 35 years ago, Illinois was a red state. So how did Democrats take over the state? It was not done overnight. They started building local bases in townships throughout the state. One by one, as the townships went under Democrat control, the state went to the Democrats.


    Taking back the state will have to begin with building our base in local townships first. Building a base is not easy. It is not something that can be done without a great amount of hard labor and effort. It requires boots on the ground. It requires strategy, building real relationships, and a sense of comradery. And it requires dedication.


    Through her work in the past 4 years, Julie has proven myself as a dedicated defender and fighter for our cause, our Constitution, and our country. It is time we start rebuilding our party in New Trier.


    Julie will work to rebuild the New Trier Republican Organization with precinct captains in every precinct, recruiting candidates for every seat in every election cycle, running fair and honest endorsement sessions, and promoting and advocating for our values.


    Once we rebuild our local base in New Trier, we will be able to start working with other township Republican organizations to build county-wide and state-wide bases to take back the state. As the home of President Lincoln, I will work with other township committeemen to reclaim Illinois as a Republican state once again.

  • Julie's Our America

    See How Julie Has Been Working to Advance the Conservatism

    In addition to her campaigns for State Representative in 2018 and New Trier School Board in 2021, Julie has been active in defending America and our Constitution through her PAC, Our America.


    A full disclosure of financial activities of Our America can be found in the link below.

    Our America's Financial Disclosure


    In 2019, Julie’s PAC supported a conservative mayoral candidate and a village trustee candidate in a municipal election. She was able to increase Asian voter turnout as well as Republican voter turnout for the two candidates and win both races.


    2019 Municipal Races
    Increase in Asian Voter Turnout
    Oak Brook 980%
    Buffalo Grove 740%


    In 2020, Julie's PAC engaged black community in support of the re-election of President Trump with a specific tailored message, exposing the hypocrisy of Joe Biden and highlighting the accomplishments of President Trump for the black community.


    Biden is no friend to the black community

    President Trump fighting for Justice for the black community


    In 2020, Julie’s PAC helped defeat an incumbent far-left liberal State Representative in Indiana. He was the first Asian and the youngest State Rep ever to be elected in Indiana after being groomed by the national Democrat Party. He made frequent trips and visits to Illinois to promote the liberal agenda in the Chicago area Asian communities.

    Vote No to Far-left liberal agenda

    Vote No to Tax Hike agenda

    Vote No to Defunding Police


    In 2020, Julie’s PAC worked to expose corrupt County Board Members and supported those candidates who promoted lower taxes and transparency in county government.

    Vote No to Illegal Financial Transactions

    Vo No to Political Corruption

    Vote No to Hyper-Partisan Party Establishment

    Vote No to Partisan Politics

    Vote for the People of Lake County

    Vote for Small Businesses

    Vote for the New Path Forward


    In 2021, Julie’s PAC successfully helped protect conservative Township Trustees in Palatine and elect the only conservative candidate for the College of Lake County Board of Trustees.


    Julie has been active in building a conservative minority coalition at the national level as well as exposing the true nature and threat of the Chinese Community Party’s (CCP) influence and infiltration in America, which is at the core of promoting Marxism in our country.


    In September of 2021, Julie hosted a national 3-day conservative minority coalition in Dallas, TX, with several experts in CRT as well as CCP infiltration in America from around the country.


    Our America's National Conservative Minority Conference


    In September of 2021, Julie hosted a conference in Chicago to expose the threat of the CCP and to highlight the importance of policy education and minority voter engagement. In addition to experts in China studies, then Lt. Gov-elect of VA Winsome Sears and John Tillman were speakers.

    Our America's CMC Chicago with Winsome Sears and John Tillman


    In January of 2022, Julie hosted the conference to expose the threat of the CCP in Atlanta.

    Our America's CMC Atlanta with Sunny Park


    Below links are articles published in Epoch Times on one of Julie’s conferences and co-authored by Julie on the threat of CCP infiltration in America.


    Epoch Times reporting of Our America CMC Atlanta


    Julie Cho's article on the Epoch Times




    Julie is endorsed by some of the most effective and highly respected conservative leaders from the state and around the country. Your endorsement for her on the ballot on June 28 is crucial in taking back our township!

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    Shannon Adcock

    Founder & President of Awake Illinois

    broken image

    James Golden, AKA Bo Snerldey

    Fmr. Producer Rush Limbaugh Program

    broken image

    Harold Pyon

    Chairman Korean-American National Republican Committee

    broken image

    Dean Nelson

    Co-Founder & Chairman Frederick Douglas Foundation

    broken image

    Trevor Loudon

    Author, Milm Maker & Epoch Times Contributor

    broken image

    Xiaoxu Sean Lin

    Analyst & Commentator, Epoch Times

    Survivor Tiananmen Square Massacre

    broken image

    Kevin McGary

    President, Frederick Douglas Foundation of California & Founder, Every Black Life Matters

    broken image

    Autry Pruitt

    CEO, New Journey PAC

    broken image

    Tony Pham

    Fmr. Acting Director, US Immigrantion and Customs Enforcement

    broken image

    Will Coggin

    Project Leader for www.ChinaOwnsUs.com


    broken image

    Xi Van Fleet

    Anti-Marxist Chinese Immigrant Activist

    Mao’s Cultural Revolution, Survivor


    broken image

    Morse Tan

    Liberty University School of Law, Dean

    U.S.A. Ambassador at Large, 2016 - 2020


  • From the Chicago Korean community leaders

    “Julie has been the most dedicated Republican to inform and educate the Korean community that our values are closely aligned with the Republican Party”

    Chicago Korean Chamber of Commerce

    Jinsook Kim, Hwang Ryou Kim, Kwag Gu Park, Susie Doren, Jennifer Auh

    Charing Paul Auh, Bernard Kwon, Thomas Chung

    Michelle Kim

    Chicago Beauty Supply Association, Board of Directors

    Martin Kim

    Former President Korean American Association of Chicago

    Jenny Lee

    President Midwest Youngnam Fellowship Association

  • - CONTACT US -

    Julie has been hosting a monthly gathering for the like-minded people in New Trier since the school board race in 2021.


    If you want to join or have any other comments or questions, please let her know!